For Hospital Visitors

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Visitor’s Hours

We strive to offer a patient and family friendly environment and understand that having a loved one close is important to many patients. We do not have formal visiting hours, but most units have specific visiting policies based on patient needs. Your nurse can explain these to you. We ask visitors to be sensitive to the needs of our patients for rest and request courtesy to others at all times.

Free Valet Parking

Monday - Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at the main hospital entrance

Free Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)

With free high-speed wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), hospital patients and visitors have fast, reliable access to the Internet and email. To connect, follow these simple steps.

Gift Shop and Online Store 

We have two on-site gift shops and provide both over-the-phone and online ordering.  We offer complimentary, same-day delivery of all the specialty items in our gift shop, including fresh flowers and plants, custom gift baskets, personal care items, books and magazines, and unique home and fashion items. 

Patient Room Telephones

Each patient room has a unique telephone number that allows for both incoming and outgoing calls.  Your loved one can be reached by dialing “801-479-2" + room number (except for in the Critical Care Unit). For example, the phone number of room #330 would be 479-2330.  You may also call our switchboard at (801) 479-2111 and ask to speak with your loved one. 

Pastoral Care

Chaplains are available to offer spiritual and emotional care and support to patients, family, and friends. Call 2074 or dial the operator for assistance. A chapel is located between the IMC (second wing) and ICU (third wing) units for quiet reflection.

Interpreter Services

Interpreters are available to assist non-English speaking patients and families. Call our switchboard at (801) 479-2111 for assistance.

No Smoking

To promote the healthy wellbeing of our patients, families and hospital staff, Ogden Regional Medical Center is a tobacco-free campus.  The use of all tobacco products is prohibited inside the hospital and on hospital grounds.

Mission and Values Statement

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.  In recognition of this commitment, we will strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare in the communities we serve.  In pursuit of our missions, we believe the following value statements are essential and timeless:

  •  We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each individual.
  •  We treat all those we serve with compassion and kindness.
  •  We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the 
      way we live our lives.
  •  We trust our colleagues as valuable members of our healthcare team and pledge to treat one another 
      with loyalty, respect, and dignity.

Our Vision 

Our mission is to improve the well-being of people in the community by providing healthcare services with compassion and respect for each person’s worth and dignity in a cost-effective and financially responsible manner.

Our Core Values

Dignity of Persons

Commits us to respect the personal preferences and values of each individual.


Commits us to give of ourselves in order to respond appropriately to the personal preferences and values of each individual.

Social Justice

Commits us to foster a caring environment where fairness and the personal and professional growth of all individuals is promoted, and through the use of individual and organizational action and influence, the common good of the community is sought.

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