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Healthy Work Environment

Ogden Regional Medical Center in Weber County is a member of the MountainStar Healthcare family in Utah and of Hospital Corporation of America nationwide. We believe that the high-quality healthcare we provide our patients is highly dependent on how well our employees can perform their jobs.

We know that a healthy work environment benefits all employees and increases performance. It can enhance employee satisfaction, and ultimately, patient care. That is why we are committed to making Ogden Regional Medical Center a great place to work for all employees. Through our Healthy Work Environment initiative, we provide the following:

health work environment commitment chart
  • WORKPLACE CULTURE dedicated to compassionate and quality patient care.
  • LEADERSHIP that focuses on achieving that common culture.
  • VOICE for all employees who care to speak on matters of importance to them or anything that may potentially affect patient safety or care.
  • COMPENSATION AND REWARDS in a wide array of health and group benefits for your hard work.
  • STAFFING in a way that enables patients to receive quality and compassionate care while ensuring employee safety and well-being.
African American Female Leads Nurses

We continue to introduce improvements in support of our Healthy Work Environment commitment. Some of our latest policies and programs focus on these work environment areas:


  • Health and Safety Program
  • Accuracy in Time Reporting


  • Manager Development Training

Compensation and Rewards

  • HCA Minimum Wage


  • Clinical Orientation Program for RNs
  • Staff Scheduling Improvements