Entrance to Ogden Regional Emergency Department - Construction Alert!

The city of Washington Terrace has informed us that they will be closing the street of 5350 (the one just north of our hospital) between Adams to the east and Stoneridge (400 east) to the west.

The closure will take place October 1st through November 30th.

This will affect anyone using the north entrance to our Medical Office Building, as well as the south entrance to the wound clinic and imaging north center. Most importantly, it will impact our north entrance to the ER.

We are in contact with the city and the contractor and they have told us that they are going to try to maintain at least a one-lane access on this road because this is the only access to many of our neighbor businesses but did not want to have this as a main access during the construction.

We will be redirecting most of the EMS and public ER access around to the south side of the building to gain access to our ER.

We will update you as the project moves forward and appreciate your patience.