Chaplain Support You Can Rely On

Ogden Regional Medical Center provides pastoral care services for the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families in Weber County. We understand how important this support means to individuals and loved ones when facing the news of a new diagnosis, or in dealing with the unknown or anticipation of death, grief and loss.

Contact Chaplains By Dialing 0 or 2074

At times, our chaplains serve as facilitators of communication among patients, family members, and our hospital medical staff and physicians. Chaplains are available for listening, assisting in tough decision-making, simply being present in a strange place, facilitating grief, providing a prayer, sacraments, devotional materials, contacting local clergy and family, helping with ethical consultation, assisting in completing advance directives (living wills) and intervening on the patient's behalf.

The chaplain makes daily rounds and is available 24 hours a day to patients and staff. Although they are not a "conventional" member of the healthcare team or of the patient's family, chaplains can objectively provide crisis intervention counseling and support.

The pastoral care team supports area clergy in responding to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and families. They respond to the needs of other caregivers and collaborate with them in their service to patients and families. In their communications with others, confidentiality is maintained and the patient's right to privacy is upheld.

While every religion will be spiritual, not every spirituality will be religious. Spirituality is the unique capacity of the human spirit to be able to create meaning and purpose in every life event.

Religious Services

Our Ecumenical Chapel is open at all times for prayer and meditation. It is located between the second surgical and third medical units. Worship services are held Sundays at 10 a.m. in the Ecumenical Chapel. LDS Sacrament meetings are held in unit 1 of the Transitional Care Unit (TCU).


Protestant and Catholic chaplains are on the Pastoral Care staff. LDS elders are called to minister to patients upon request. Employees who are LDS can minister to LDS patients in an emergency.

Catholic sacraments are offered to Catholic patients upon request. LDS sacrament will be offered to LDS patients following the 10 a.m. sacrament meeting on request.