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Patient-Centered and Family-Focused Education

Ogden Regional Medical Centers' Spine Institute places great emphasis on patient education to enhance healing at every stage. Each patient receives a guidebook that serves as a reference before, during and after surgery. Pre-operative classes help to ease anxiety before surgery and guide the patient through what to expect the day of the procedure and each post-operative day after surgery, as well as during therapy routines. Family involvement is encouraged to facilitate in the patient's recovery process. Loved ones, referred to as “coaches” in the Spine Institute, are invited to help provide confidence, motivation and support to the patients.

To schedule an appointment for evaluation call (866) 887-3999.

Physical Therapy

Following surgery, patients in the Spine Institute participate in individual therapy sessions, attend group exercise classes and track their “hiking” on a Mountain Board. The therapy sessions encourage an atmosphere of team work and camaraderie among patients, as well as friendly competition.

The Spine Institute's Dedicated Staff

The Spine Institutes' staff members are experts in all aspects of service delivery. The team includes specially trained and experienced board-certified orthopedic surgeons, dedicated nurses, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitation technicians, and case managers specializing in spine care.

The Wellness Environment

Although patients in the Spine Institute are in the hospital, they are not inherently sick. Following their day of surgery, they get out of bed and dress every morning in their own clothes instead of wearing hospital gowns. The group exercise classes and group lunches also help to promote the wellness environment.

For more information, contact Director Jeff Olsen at (801) 479-2675.

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