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The Cancer Treatment Experience at Ogden Regional

The Cancer Treatment Center at Ogden Regional is committed to providing our community with a state-of-the-art facility that gives each patient personalized care and comprehensive treatment options at an award-winning local medical center.


Cancer Patient Navigator, RN

Our Cancer Patient Navigator is an experienced nurse that will be a companion to you throughout your treatment, and help you by answering your questions, connecting you with useful resources, and coordinating your schedule and appointments with the appropriate physicians. Our navigator connects with each patient and their unique situation, and will be a support both during and after your cancer treatment journey. Contact her for any cancer related question, information, or support at (801) 479-2943.

Support Groups

Both the Men's Cancer Support Group and the Breast Cancer Support Group meet monthly and are led by a nurse who specializes in Oncology. These groups help you connect with others who have gone through cancer treatment, and provide you with hope, education and resources to help you not only survive, but thrive after cancer.

Clinical Trials

Ogden Regional Medical Center participates in clinical trials. This is one way that Ogden Regional stays at the forefront and cutting edge of cancer treatment. These trials can benefit both current and future patients by making available new treatment options that may be the next standard of care. These are offered as an option to patients that may qualify for specific studies.

Financial Services

Our team of financial counselors can assist you with your financial concerns and help determine how your treatment, billing, and insurance can be handled.


Cancer Conference

Many types of cancer involve more than one type of treatment option. Your individual case will be evaluated during a special Cancer Conference by a panel of specialized physicians that are concerned with providing the best course of treatment for you and your individual situation. This meeting allows them to discuss your case from multiple perspectives and customize a treatment plan that will help achieve the best possible outcome for you.


Ogden Regional Medical Center has one of the most advanced radiation treatment options available. TomoTherapy is a machine that can localize and target tumors within the body, and deliver radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy. This machine enables physicians to deliver a high dose of radiation to the target area, and substantially minimize side effects to other nearby organs.


You can trust that experienced specialists will treat your cancer in a personalized way, in a team approach.

  • Medical Oncologists treat cancer with prescribed medicine. This is known as chemotherapy.
  • Radiation Oncologists treat cancer using high energy radiation targeted directly at the tumor site.
  • Surgeons treat cancer by operating on the patient to remove cancerous tissue from the body.

This is not the whole team, however; other specialists such as Radiologists, Pathologists, Plastic Surgeons, Urologists and other specialists all participate in the fight against cancer at Ogden Regional.

Genetic Counseling

Patients who have a higher risk of cancer due to their genetic makeup should take preventative measures to reduce their risk. Specific gene testing can identify these patients and help save not only their life, but the lives of their family. Ogden Regional has a board certified Genetic Counselor that can ensure patients are appropriately screened, tested, and understand their test results.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation combines nutritional support with cancer-specific exercise therapy. In the cancer rehab program, you have the opportunity to meet with a registered dietician that will educate you with nutritional tips and advice specific to what your needs will be during and after your cancer treatment. You may have several sessions with an exercise physiologist that will create an individualized exercise regimen that will aid you both physically and psychologically. Patients that participate in this program realize several benefits such as decreased fatigue and nausea. They also report increased balance, control, range of motion, and quality of life.

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  • The Role of the Patient Navigator at Ogden Regional Medical Center


During your cancer treatments, you will value being close to home. Proximity to your doctors and caregivers ensures you will have easy access to your care, and more time to rest and recover from treatment. With Ogden Regional's superior technology and excellent team of specialists there is no need to travel outside of your community to receive the best care modern medicine has to offer, close to home.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

A special, spiritual service provided to Cancer Treatment Patients at Ogden Regional Medical Center.

We are pleased to offer Tibetan Prayer Flags as an option for a sign of hope and peace.

We supply our patients with five Tibetan Prayer Flags and also write your name on a separate flag that will travel to the highest mountains around the world, eventually to end its journey at Mount Everest.

You can follow your flag's journey at or

There is no obligation to participate in, and no cost to you for this program.