Cardio-Oncology is a field that serves patients at the intersection of cardiac conditions and cancer. As a cancer patient, you may or may not have a history of cardiac issues. Specialized Cardiologists assess patients for the potential risk of developing or worsening heart conditions prior to, during, or after cancer treatments. Our Cardio-Oncology team will follow closely with your oncologists to provide early detection of cardiac conditions, prevent or reduce cardiac issues if possible, and ultimately improve the treatment outcomes for you.

Our fundamental goal is to work with your cancer care team to eradicate cardiac disease as an obstacle to successful cancer therapy.

Ogden Regional has developed a comprehensive Cardio-Oncology program that aims to:

  • Eliminate cardiac disease as a barrier to effective cancer therapy
  • Ensure better outcomes for patients with cancer and cardiac issues
  • Provide earlier detection of cardiac toxic side effects from cancer treatments
  • Prevent or reduce further cardiac damage--and when possible reverse it
  • Monitor patients with potential cardiac issues who are receiving cancer treatments
Learn more about the Cardio-Oncology journey by calling us at (801) 479-2570.