Ogden Regional Medical Center

5475 S 500 E
Ogden, UT 84405

Phone: (801) 479-2111

Map & Directions

MountainStar AirCare provides safe, compassionate and efficient air medical transportation to MountainStar Healthcare hospitals and our patients. AirCare also serves healthcare facilities throughout Northern and Central Utah, Southern Idaho and Southwestern Wyoming.

AirCare's bases are strategically located in Ogden and Payson and are equipped with highly trained and experienced crews and aircraft that are perfectly suited for the mountainous terrain of the Wasatch Front.

AirCare allows MountainStar Healthcare to expand its emergency medical services to its hospital network and partner facilities and EMS agencies. AirCare provides the highest quality continuum-of-care for patients throughout the state.

MountainStar AirCare Membership

In an effort to give the communities we service both peace of mind and substantial savings for air medical transports, Eagle Air Med offers an exclusive

membership program to citizens living within our service areas.

Members are guaranteed not only exceptional care and prompt service, but they also have all out-of-pocket expenses waived when Eagle Air Med provides air medical services for them or their dependents. Membership plans are available for both the insured and the uninsured.