MountainStar Healthcare is expanding its emergency medical services to include strategically located air medical transportation. With the launch of AirCare, we are ensuring the highest quality continuum-of-care for patients and better serving communities throughout the state and in rural areas particularly.

Both aircraft are Airbus AS350 B3e helicopters. This specific model is one of the best high-altitude performing helicopters available today. It was the first production aircraft to make a successful landing on Mount Everest.

These helicopters are ideal for our mountainous state and level of outdoor recreation. The B3e can reach locations other aircraft cannot. Its capabilities, and flight crews with rural experience, will enhance our ability to assist injured people in remote locations.

AirCare flight crews will closely adhere to the high-quality patient care processes for which MountainStar hospitals are nationally recognized. Our goal is to improve the continuum-of-care and ensure the best patient outcomes possible.