Ogden Regional Medical Center is proud to offer pet therapy at our hospital for our patients and guests. An animal visit to a hospitalized patient can lift spirits, lower blood pressure, induce relaxation, reduce stress, decrease loneliness and bring a bit of diversion and enrichment to a hospital stay.

We work only with accredited Pet Therapy providers. Each owner/pet team meets stringent membership, behavior and grooming requirements.

  • Pet teams are currently certified society member and have completed/renewed training
  • Pet owners pass a background check
  • Pet owners provide proof of a current veterinary exam including vaccinations
  • Pet teams complete hospital orientation and follow hospital procedures and protocol regarding infection control, safety, ethics, confidentiality and privacy.
  • Therapy animals are groomed according to society standards immediately prior to a hospital visit including: bathing, nails clipped, teeth brushed, ears cleaned, dander/order spray applied and coat brushed.
  • Therapy animals are non-threatening, non-judgmental, genuinely affectionate, nurturing creatures who offer warm companionship and unconditional love to patients. Therapy animals aid in “humanizing” healthcare.

Your nurse will let you know when a pet team is scheduled on the unit. Patients may indicate a desire to enjoy a pet visit. Visits are based upon the patient’s condition and team availability.

The pet owner will introduce the team and position a clean pad for the animal to sit or lay upon. Patients are invited to stroke and visit with the animal.

At the conclusion of the visit, the owner will assist the patient with hand cleaning and dispose of the pad.

Pet teams serve as hospital volunteers, wearing a uniform and badge. A team may not be available every day.

Personal pets may visit only with approval after meeting the hospital’s stringent health and grooming standards. Ask for policy AB946-49 Animals and Pets in the Hospital.

To learn more about certifying to become an animal therapy team: